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The never ending Benefits of Dead Sea Mud Wraps

If you are a Spa and Beauty enthusiast you’ll surely have heard about Dead Sea Mud Wraps and Masks. So what exactly is this treatment and what makes it so special around Spa lovers, let’s check out.

Exactly like it’s moniker suggests, Dead Sea Mud is a special mineral rich mud extracted from the Jordanian Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is 10 times more saltier that the ocean and it is cut off and isolated from other water bodies. The sea water is denser owing to the high salt and mineral content. Millions of years of hot, dry desert air combined with a high rate of evaporation have been partly responsible for the Dead Sea’s profuse accumulation of salt and minerals that are essential for skin health. The mud at the bottom of the sea absorbs these natural resources, and this mud is then harvested. Now this mineral rich mud is the key ingredient in the wrap.

The main chemical constituents of Dead Sea Mineral Mud are: Dead Sea Water, Organic Matter, and Minerals (present as various Oxides: Silicon Dioxide, Calcium Oxide, Magnesium Oxide, Sodium Oxide, Potassium Oxide, Iron (III) Oxide, Aluminium Oxide, Phosphorous Pentoxide, Titanium (IV) Oxide, Sulphur Trioxide, Manganese(II) Oxide, Zirconium Dioxide, Chromium(III) Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Nickel(II) Oxide, Copper Oxide, Indium (III) Oxide, Chloride, and Bromide).

At The Eminence, you can ask for Dead Sea Mud Wrap under our Body Scrubs and Wraps menu. Like we said earlier this treatment is very popular among Spa enthusiasts who love to have natural glowing skin. Back to the question again, Dead Sea Mud is special for it’s reputation in having cleansing and purgative properties. This wrap is generally useful for all types of skin – oily, dry or normal. Once this smooth mud paste is applied over the body, it remains warm and moist producing an internal heat that stimulate circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Once the mud dries off, it exhibits a gentle pulling action that removes excess oil, tightens, and exfoliates to remove dead skin, which reveals a healthier layer of skin.

With hydrating and firming properties, Dead Sea Mud soothes itchiness and inflammation as well as symptoms of skin ailments such as dryness, acne, eczema etc. Furthermore, it enhances skin elasticity, reduces the appearance of pores, and smoothens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Dead Sea mud is also known to heal various skin ailments such as psoriasis to musculoskeletal ailments such as arthritis.

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