Wellness Treatments from God’s Own Country

Natural Healing Touch

An Ayurvedic full body massage with special blends of ayurvedic oil that increases blood circulation, stimulates lymphatic flow, relives fatigue, relaxes the mind and removes stress.<br /> Duration : 60 Minutes

Ancient Healing Touch

Follow the Kings and Queens of ancient era and experience the beauty and healing of the Ayurvedic treatments. Start with the traditional Head Massage then a full body Ayurvedic massage that uses warmed Ayurvedic oils to help remove toxins leaving you with a body of balance and inner peace. Duration : 2 hours

Papaya & Pineapple Body Scrub

These naturally exfoliating fruits are massaged over your body to polish the skin to silky perfection. A super-hydrating body cream is applied after the scrub, leaving you in tropical bliss. Duration: 50 Minutes

Ginger & Lemongrass Body Polish

Prepared with fresh ginger; an invigorating and stimulating ginger and lemongrass polish to improve skin circulation, release muscle tension and exfoliate. Great after an active day! Duration : 50 Minutes