Body Scrubs & Wraps

Aroma Body Scrub

Exfoliating aroma body scrub with herbal extracts and natural essential oils. Cleanses and leaves the skin soft and smooth by removing surface dead cells and impurities. Duration : 50 Minutes

Coffee&Yogurt Scrub

The aroma of coffee beans along with Yogurt scrubbed for deep skin cleansing with a great experience leaving a wonderful fragrance. Your sense will be enhanced and it helps to clean the Aura. Duration : 50 Minutes

Chocolate Body Wrap

Chocolate is anti-oxidant, the effect of chocolate are delectably legendary. It is a full body wrap for a refreshing treatment with its natural aroma. Duration : 50 Minutes

Dead Sea Mud Wrap

The mask of concentrated seawater and mud with a balance of the ocean's nutrients including minerals penetrates the skin basal layer to replenish de-vitalized cells and removes excess oils & dead cells from the skin. The effect being a youth full skin that glows and refreshes you followed by a warm gentle shower and a moisturizer. Duration : 50 Minutes