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Eminence spa package

Honeymoon Delight Package

Specially designed for the Lovers & Couples with steam and sauna, couple massage , facials and luxuriating bath. Duration : 3 Hours

3 Days Rejuvenation Package

Elakizhi / Natural Healing Touch / Shirodhara. Duration : 60 Min

3 Days Harmony Package

Elakizhi / Natural Healing Touch / Shirodhara. Duration : 120 Min

5 Days Bliss Package

Elakizhi / Natural Healing Touch / Shirodhara / Udwarthana Slimming. Duration : 60 Min

5 Days Paradise Package

Elakizhi / Natural Healing Touch / Shirodhara / Udwarthana Slimming. Duration : 120 Min

Eminence Massage

Thai Aroma Massage with Luk Pra Kob

A Thai aroma massage followed by the hot thai herbal compress called luk pra kob to restore the body's energy flow. Duration : 90 Min


Elakizhi Massage

An Aayurvedic full body massage that increases blood circulation, stimulates lymphatic flow, and relaxes every tension. Duration : 30/60 Min


An Exotic interpretation of an effective Ayurveda treatment that relaxes the mind and the senses. Duration : 60 Min

Udwarthanam Slimming Treatment

This treatment reduces obesity ; imparts mobility to joints, tones skin and muscle, and imparts good complexion. Duration : 60 Min


Eminence Pedicure

Duration : 75 Min

Eminence Manicure

Duration : 60 Min

Luxuriating Baths & Bath Combinations

Lavender Luxuriating Bath

Treat your body with lavender which relaxes your skin. Duration : 30 Min

Green Tea Luxuriating Bath

This bath will tone up and refresh the skin and leave you in a deep calming status. Duration : 30 Min

Anti - Stress Luxuriating Bath

A bath with the healing touch of aqua with lavender followed by a Thai Aroma Massage. Duration : 90 Min

Calming Luxuriating Bath

Green tea luxuriating bath followed by deep tissue massage will take you to the deep relaxation. Duration : 90 Min

Traditional Moroccan bath

this exotic bath ritual begins with a cleansing, hydrating and then scrub that eliminates dead skin cells. Duration : 60 Min

Royal Moroccan Touch

A mineral clay masks is applied on the body, ending with a lavish shower & moisturizing after an exotic bath. Duration : 90 Min

Sultan Ritual

This royal ritual begins with a traditional moroccan bath and ends with a full body massage. Durartion : 2 Hours

Eminence Yoga for Wellness

Sun Rise Yoga

Designed for those who enjoy an early start to the day by gaining pure energy from the sun.


Learn the process of regulating your breathing and gain control of the prana, the vital life force, in order to achieve longevity.


Learn relaxation and breathing techniques to control stress, clear your mind and enhance the power of creativity.

Yoga Nidra for Relaxation

In yoga Nidra, you not only enjoy complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation but also explore the tremendous powers hidden inside you.

Sun Set Yoga

A combination of various yoga techniques are offered at sun set to help you wind down and relax in a beautiful tranquil environment.