Eminence Signature Treatments

Eminence Ritual

Transport yourself to a world where traditional Aroma body scrub and massage will make you feel like royalty. Begin with the Aroma Body Scrub treatment that softens, refines, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin followed by our signature massage with smooth heavenly strokes using our special blended oil. Duration : 2 hours

Eminence Hot Stone Massage

For centuries, people have been drawn to the healing power of heat and the specific energies of lava stones. This deluxe hot stone massage by specialized movements will help you to ease and relax your muscles which makes you want more. With a relaxing massage for the face to rejuvenate completely. Duration : 90 Minutes

Heaven of Synergy

Two therapists work harmoniously to create the ultimate spa experience of total bliss. This massage is designed to de-stress your spirit, offers total escape, and an unforgettable spa journey. Duration : 90 Minutes