So, let’s say you and your partner are looking to have a nice romantic activity this weekend. Just think, what would be more romantic that you both having a massage together, skilled Therapists working on your body, as your mind and body enchants its way to pure ecstasy. So, what is a couple’s massage?

It’s a massage experience for two that has real benefits, for physical, mental, and relationship health. Ultimately, a couples massage is a shared experience – a massage for two people, at the same time, in the same place, but on two separate massage tables and performed by two or more massage therapists at the same time. The massage therapists will start the massage at the same time and coordinate the treatment for the couple.

The massage is generally offered in a private room on side-by-side massage tables. When booked in a full-service spa a couple’s massage will typically include access to showers, hot tubs, lounging areas, and other spa amenities. Many couple’s massage treatments may offer special amenities such as champagne, chocolates, and fruit.

A couple massage can be a great way to enhance the mental and physical benefits of the massage experience. It becomes a really great bonding session and a romantic gesture. When you get a great massage, your body releases oxytocin, the “love hormone” that creates a sense of affection and love. When you get a couple massage that means love is literally in the air. Increased affection is one of the biggest benefits of a couples massage.

It’s a also one of the most healthy ways to show how much you care for your significant other, as all spa therapies have myriad of health benefits for both mind and body. Instead of eating out or just taking out to a movie or a casual shopping, a couple massage offers to show that you really care about each other.

So next time when you’re planning a romantic getaway or a Valentine’s Day in Ajman, be sure to include a couple’s massage too. You can now book your slots at Eminence Spa, and give you and your partner a best massage experience together.

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