Mariza italia facial launch in eminence spa wyndham gardan ajman

Where can I find best NATURAL facial in Ajman

Do you know every day we are losing upon millions of skin cells…in doing so we are losing elasticity, smoothness and the loss of brightness to the skin as a buildup of cells stay on the surface layer called epidermis.

In order to keep your skin in excellent condition we must use good quality skin care product, eat well, drink well and exercise well. Now our main feature being face we need to take care in most precious way, that’s where we welcome you to EMINENCE SPA WYNDHAM GARDEN AJMAN


Yes… its great news!!

Introducing the 3rd generation of skin treatments – CHROMOAROMA COLOR THERAPY by MARZIA CLINIC. An innovative line of cosmetic products developed with molecules that are vital for the skin is only available in Eminence spa Ajman


EXACTLY… so how does it happen? What is ChromoAroma Color Therapy??

Chromo therapy…the power of colors!!

Body comes into existence from colors, body is stimulated by colors and colors are responsible for the correct working of various systems that function in the body.

Each of our organs and energy centers vibrates and harmonizes with the frequencies of these colors. These are the technique of Chromoaroma therapy. Thus the skin condition and sight perception choose the color!!

Isn’t it amazing!!

A CromoAroma Color Therapy facial is designed not just to help you relax, but to help improve your skin. By,

  • “Boost collagen production
  • Strengthens the skin defense system & Stimulates cellular renewal and collagen synthesis
  • Inhibits inflammation and bacterial growth Removes impurities Clear your pores
  • Has a lifting and smoothing effect efficaciously reduces wrinkles and signs of time
  • Deeply nourishes the tissues & Restores the skin natural softness and elasticity

The end result? All you have is natural fresh bright skin…

What are some of the different types of facials?

Developed by Marzia Clinic Italia, the spa now offers five types of ChromoAroma Color Therapy:

  1. Red for anti-aging,
  2. Blue for sensitive skin,
  3. Green for balancing oily skin,
  4. Orange for skin hydration,
  5. Violet for acne and blemished skin remedy.

Marzia clinic italia is 100% natural!!!

Because its silicon free, alcohol free, mineral oil free and also away from propylene glycol all these chemicals are harmful for our skin.

Make this sense?? Are you also thrilled to have an experience of new generation facial therapy!!



As an introductory deal

Eminence Spa Wyndham Garden Ajman bring you

Special Offers

20% discount for two sessions

25% discount for four sessions

30% discount for six sessions

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